LIFE AT CONTENT: Amazon Influencer Program

We’ve always wanted to be in a secret society, and now we are! Ok, you’re right, Amazon’s not all that secret, but the powers that be did think we’re ‘cool enough’ to make us Amazon Influencers. Fun!

Basically, that just means we already share information with you through our Blog and Instagram, and sometimes that information includes products and material recommendations.

The Influencer program allows Content + Company to have a dedicated storefront where we can feature products that we like, and we think you would like too!

You can check out our Storefront here or going forward, it will be linked on our website main menu.

Just to be clear, we have not tested or personally purchased all of these suggested products, but if you’ve followed our renovation journey or read our blog, you’ll know which products we love! When we have tested a product, we’ll let you know specifically.

Also, if you like something we’re recommending and you purchase through our links, we’ll receive a small commission. But let’s be honest, any money were making is going right back into Content’s renovation, so, thank you!