RENOVATION: Guest Room 3 Plan and Mood Board

This post has been a long time in the making and for me, it's a giant leap towards finishing the interior projects here at Content. Don't ask about the exterior, that's a whoooole other can of worms!

Including our master bedroom, the renovation of Guest Room 3 is the fourth bedroom we are updating. All of the rooms at Content have similar architectural features like original hardwood floors, detailed pane windows and exposed ceiling beams.

Because of those similarities, we've made a concerted effort to create a uniquely different experience in each guest room using color and texture. In

Guest Room 1, we added a vibrant green accent wall paired with rich wood tones and in Guest Room 2 we embraced serious drama painting the ceiling black.

With that though, the Airbnb traveler is always at the fore front of our design decisions. Aside from design "wow factor" we are always cognoscente of cleanliness and durability.

I started looking for inspiration and quickly realized the existing ceiling was directing a very prominent accent color that I would not have otherwise thought to embrace. Red! If you're following along on Instagram, we asked for your opinion on whether or not to keep the red ceiling. Amazingly, the vote was almost exactly split down the middle. You'll just have to wait and see what we've decided...

The first inspiration came from this amazing bedroom by Katie Hodges Design. I was so drawn by the instant warmth of this gorgeous vintage rug, the cool coastal vibe and layer upon layer of texture.

From there, I started looking for inspiration that would bring an immediate and unique design element and was continually drawn to contrasting trim paint colors, like this beautiful example (and more) shared by Room for Tuesday.

Here's how the bedroom looked when we started:

And here is how it's looking 3 weeks into the renovation:

There's been a lot of progress in these last 3 weeks:

  • demoing out a layer of wainscoting (that covered an already existing chair rail)

  • extending a wall to make additional bathroom space

  • repositioning the bathroom door

  • the addition of a closet

  • exposing the fireplace and stripping the old paint

  • closing off the guest room access to the laundry room

  • retrimming the new (old) chair rail and doors

  • adding recess lighting

But with all that said and done, the best (and most fun) part is always putting together a design plan and starting to envision the finished product.

Mood Board Sources or Similar Inspiration

1. Benjamin Moore Grant Beige 2. Black Iron Metal Bed Frame 3. Brass Table Lamp 4. Bamboo Roman Shades 5. Nonu Pillow 6. Moni Pillow 7. Faux Fiddle Head Fig 8. Mid Century Side Table 9. Vintage Persian Rug 10. Grey and White Stripped Linens

What do you think so far? Can you see the finish line like we can? Comment below!