RENOVATION REVEAL: Guest Room #2 Bathroom

Renovating any room of the house can be pretty annoying. Dust, construction debris, hazardous equipment. But the renovation of a bathroom quite literally messes with basic human needs, and that my friends is no fun...

John's sister Kristen is currently undergoing a bathroom renovation which has me excited to see her (my FIL Dave's) progress but nervous how even a minor setback could effect her. Knowing my father-in-law though, I'm certain they're right on schedule. Unlike Content. renovations that seem to have a mind of their own.

Nonetheless, the ensuite bathroom of guest room #2 is finished!
If you missed it, you can find the full bedroom reveal of Guest Room #2 here.

Ok, now hold on, here we go!

Guest Room #2 Ensuite Bathroom

Our completion date was set in stone when I agreed to host our first wedding ceremony here at Content.

Can the bride and her friends stay over the night before as well? Sure!! Now, let's get to work...

*Side note: I can't wait to share all the details of the wedding and all of Content's event hosting potential. Stay tuned!

Originally, this bathroom had a prefabricated tub and standard vanity. There were two entrance doors; one from the hallway and one from the bedroom.

In an effort to create more space, the following structural changes were made:
  • the drywall ceiling was removed to expose beams.
  • the prefabricated tub was removed.
  • the bedroom door was shifted to allow more shower space.
  • the hallway entrance door and random dead space was eliminated.
  • new shower stall built.
  • new built-in for storage built.

Layout: Before renovation
Layout: After renovation

There was nothing particularly wrong with the bathroom, it was just dated and not our style.

Before (view from the hallway door)

Before (view from bedroom door)

Curb Alert! Our magical street that makes things (even old toilets) disappear in less than 5 minutes


WALLS: Continued from the guest room, the walls are painted Horizon by Benjamin Moore OC-53 in matte finish.

ACCENT WALL: I wanted to tie the dark ceilings of the bedroom into the design of the bathroom, which inspired the charcoal accent wall in BM Mopboard.

FLOORS: The wide pine, hardwood floors in here, though original, were in rough shape, especially after removing the tub and vanity. We had these professionally sanded and polyurethaned.

Before + After

Before + After

WOOD VANITY: A Content Woodworking original! John decided early on to feature one wood type in each new bathroom. Guest room #2 bathroom's details are all black birch.

The vanity design is a repeat from our master bath, adding continuity to Content's interior design as a whole.

MIRROR: Vintage mirror with etched flower detail. Flea market find. $3

COUNTERTOP: We used bluestone in our master, and wanted to repeat the industrial feel without the price tag. This was our first attempt using poured concrete. We are very happy with the final result.

Here is the DIY tutorial of the poured concrete bathroom vanity top and shower curb.

SHOWER TILE: From early on, I had my heart set on a herringbone tile pattern. We are frugal with our materials, and changing up the pattern was a great way to add interest to standard matte finish, white 3x6 subway tile (that you can find here). Platinum Grey grout.

Don't get me wrong, I know what I asked for and this was a huge undertaking by John. So. Many. Cuts! Yes, he's amazing!

The floor of the shower is Carrara White 2 inch Hexagon Mosaic tile also with Platinum Grey grout.

SHOWER CURB: We created the shower curb out of poured concrete as well, matching the vanity countertop.

BUILT-IN: One additional change which effected the layout of the bathroom, was the addition of a closet in the bedroom. However, we used this as an opportunity to add interest by way of a small built-in on the bathroom wall.

I had this pic pinned to my Pinterest board, and well John did the rest... basically replicating it exactly. It's insane.

MyDomaine inspiration pinned on Pinterest for our bathroom builtin

WALL LIGHT SCONCES: I'm always looking to tie in Content's history into our renovations. But after the "master bath, French eBay score, incompatible lights sconce fiasco of 2015" I looked for an alternative.

I found a great Etsy shop called TheModMercantile, made up of a husband and wife team who offer vintage, refurbished lights at very reasonable prices. Who could resist!

SINK: Kohler Pennington Drop in Self Rimming with 8 inch faucet cutout.

FAUCET: I love how this chrome faucet, with porcelain "hot" and "cold" water details, provides a nostalgic nod to Content's history, while still feeling updated. Kingston Brass Metropolitan series available on Amazon.

TOILET: Kohler Highline Classic in white.

SHOWER TRIM KIT: Moen Kingsley in Chrome available on Amazon.

And now for all the AFTER goodness!

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