ONE ROOM CHALLENGE (Week 6 Reveal): Annex Guest Room Makeover

Drum roll please....... And without further adieu, I present, The Annex Guest Camp Room!

Now wait just a gosh darn minute. Did you really think I was going to make it that easy? Of course I'm going to drag you through a 6 Week recap of my blood, sweat and tears, before laying on all the beauty shots.

Blood, sweat and tears is actually a gross exaggeration. In fact,  I really enjoyed designing this space!

UPDATE: The Camp Room is now available for overnight stays through Airbnb. Click here to see the whole listing!

Now, lets take a quick trip down memory lane... I always say, you cannot truly appreciate the 'After' without understanding the 'Before'. All the original links to past weeks are also included if you'd like to start from scratch.

During Week 1, we reminisced about the hot mess that was Content. when we bought it in 2014.

Exhibit A. Cool bike...

Week 2 was all about planning! I outlined the design system that I use called CAPS and shared the mood board that my pre-planning helped me create.

Week 3, we dove into cleaning that original, wide pinewood floor, paint color and I started to research furniture, specifically the camp cots.

These weeks were all about how I got too sick to do anything, and how my #oneroomchallenge suffered. But, I rebounded and got back to work hitting my favorite Good Will for vintage treasures and some great new pieces as well.


The final push was a little crazy. I think and daydream A LOT about my designs, changing and shifting furniture and accessories. So, when a space is finally done, and I look at images, it's almost like looking inside my head. Kinda weird, but totally satisfying!

And what's even better, is having talented friends like our dearest Veronica Grimm who photographed the light, heart and soul of this space for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out all of her beautiful work here and on Instagram @veronicalolaphoto. Thank you V, we love you! 

Now, let's get this reveal party started! Who brought the champagne?

There are three unique "spaces" within this room: the cots, the fireside chat area and the desk. All have their own unique attributes, but all work together to deliver the nostalgic, camp inspired look I was going for.

I love the symmetry that a grouping of three brings, and these camp cots were no exception. I love how naturally they fill the space, and can just imagine the late night chats that will take place here. It makes me giddy!

I love the whimsy that these caged, string lights bring to the room. I actually made them the primary room, light switch so anyone entering the room HAS to experience the feel of being outside or camping under the stars.

I'm in love with the burst of Americana and nostalgia that this vintage bean bag game adds to the space. Its colors and patina felt right at home over the desk.

Just some simple, natural wreaths created a gallery to fill a very large wall, where artwork was not in the budget.

The mantel and freshly painted white fireplace create a whole different backdrop, right within the same space. John made the mantel from sycamore wood which matches the book shelves over the end camp cots, as well.

The mystical touch a dream catcher added over the cots for a night of sweet dreams. Also, the mix of textures and patterns on the beds and rug evoke a tailored bohemian feel.

What's better than decorating with natural elements. This wasps nest has been in storage for a couple years, just waiting for this moment to be brought back to life.

This pair of bold, red leather suitcases acts as an anchor in the center of the room. With three separate areas, it plays into each one and adds a necessary cohesiveness.

Don't forget to buy a Jersey Shore post card to fill out on the camp desk!


WALL PAINT: Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore in a Flat finish

TRIM PAINT: Advances White by Benjamin Moore

FLOORS: Original wide pinewood

COTS: Teton Universal Camp Cot

COT MATTRESS: Simmons Siesta Roll Up Mattress

BEDDING: Grey Fleece Blanket from Kmart, Room Essentials fitted twin sheet from Target, Tassel Throw Blankets from Marshall's, Blue and white ikat Shams from Home Goods, Ikat black and white throw pillow from Target

RUGS: (under cots) 7'x9' Wool Rug by Home Decorators and (under seating area) Wool Mexican Rug

CURTAINS: White linen curtains from Marshall's

CEILING STRING LIGHTS: Caged outdoor string lights from Kmart 

SEATING AREA: Outdoor natural fabric poufs by Target, vintage rattan side table

DESK, SHELVING UNIT, WALL SHELVES and MANTEL: All original designs by Content Woodworking


VINTAGE PIECES: Americana bean bag game (of little girl crying), black velvet landscape painting, paint by numbers, Rattan lounge chair, green porch chair at desk, colorful granny blanket

GOOD WILL PIECES: Red suitcase set, tennis rackets, seagulls on stands, natural wreaths,