ONE ROOM CHALLENGE (Week Four & Five): Annex Guest Room Makeover

Warning: Real life talk here... We've been working really hard these past 6 months. Like, REALLY hard. Ever since leaving our full-time jobs, John + I have been on a mission to make owning a business (several, in fact) work for us. 

I fully realize we are not the first people to disconnect from corporate America, so we don't view ourselves as revolutionaries, but it IS all new to us. And with that newness, comes stress and discomfort. And with that stress and discomfort, comes illness. For me, in the form of shingles. Cool.

If you were wondering where your 4th installment of the Calling It Home and House Beautiful One Room Challenge was last week, I'd say, hope of it's publication evaporated somewhere between the doctor's office and an oatmeal bath.

But now, with health restored, we're back on track! And, lucky you... This week is a double whammy - Week 4 and 5 combo update.

If you're just checking in, be sure to take a look back at Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3.

Now, hold onto your calamine lotion, here we go!

First up is my favorite trip during any room design - my trip to Good Will! As a reminder, for this room, we're going for nostalgic, camp, outdoorsy feel.

Here's a refresher of my mood board for the #oneroomchallege:

Flea markets and second hand stores can be a HOT MESS. So, for me, I always remind myself of the mission. Try to stay on track. For instance, even if I came across a pair of amazing, purple velvet chairs, those would not be mission related...

(I might secretly go back for those purple, velvet chairs while John was napping, but that's another story)

My Good Will haul = $48

For this trip, I was looking for natural elements, shelf accents and pops of primary color. What I came home with is:

- set of bright red leather suit cases, plus one plaid and one light blue ($12)
- wooden birds ($7)
- rattan side table ($5)
- set of vintage tennis rackets ($10)
- white wooden coat hanger/shelf ($4)
- variety of shaped natural wreaths ($10)

I don't have a set "plan" for these items yet, but in my head I know that they remind me of my mood board, either in texture, color or feel.

These suitcases are vintage gold!

Thinking of doing a wall gallery of these natural wreaths...

Another shopping trip for this makeover was to Marshalls/Home Goods where I sources some linen curtains and three throw blankets for the cots, as well as a rug from Ocean State Job Lot - but I'm saving those for the big Week 6 reveal!

One of the more practical decisions, needed to be made for the Annex, was window treatments. Because this room will be used by guests, I needed to add privacy.

I had researched roller shades in the past, but never thought they were the right fit for a space here at Content.

Then, while planning the Annex, I kept coming back to them. The main reason is that they help resonate the nostalgic feel I was going for.

Most summer camps don't have more than a half, cafe curtain and rolling shade, so I thought this would be the perfect option.

Not to mention, they are SUPER affordable, and with four large windows, cost was certainly a factor.

Inside mount option

My roller shades are Levolor light reducing from Lowe's and with just one measurement (I confirmed at home), they are cut to size right in the store. The whole process took 10 minutes, and the final cost of the roller shades and hardware was less than $50 for all four windows.

They were also extremely easy to install. I chose an inside mount. All I needed was a pencil and a screwdriver. Now that's DIY at it's best!

For the record, I installed all 4 of these pieces upside down. The opening was corrected (by John who made fun of me) to face out for easy adjustment.

We have one final project that we'll push to complete this week. It involves some floating shelves and a new fireplace mantel, that John has just been too swamped to focus on. But, with only 1 more week to go, we're excited and can't wait for our big reveal!

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