ONE ROOM CHALLENGE (Week Three): Annex Guest Room Makeover

All right folks, we're halfway through the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home and House Beautiful. And I know what you're thinking... "Um, Courtney, there's no furniture in your room?"

Well, of course there's not, silly, because Week 3 is all about PAINT.

Let's flashback on some Week 1 and Week 2 images, so you can see the hot mess we've gotten ourselves into.

To recap, we're making over an Annex guests room that is connected to the Great Room (living room) and Guest Suite 1.

Most of the time, the Annex will be used as an extension of Guest Suite 1 for families and friends traveling together through Airbnb. The rest of the time, the Annex will be transformed into an extension to the living space as our home is also used for special events.

The goal of this makeover is to create a semi-permanent, transformative (is that a real word?) solution for both needs.

In Week 2, we discussed our design process and got our creativity focused around this storyboard which is inspired by vintage camping and masculine earth-tones:

Then "we" got to work on painting!

OK, truth be told, "we" didn't get to much of anything. Out of all the hundreds of renovation projects we've tackled, on our own, here at Content., interior painting is not included on that list.

See, my father owns a painting and wallpapering business, and this is a service we are MORE than happy to pass along to his team. Specifically to his employee, Ebodio.

Now, here's the part where I failed. I ALWAYS take pictures of Ebodio painting.


Except, when he was painting the Annex... MAN!! Regardless of my lack in photo journalism, Ebodio is the best and made this drab yellow room, sparkle again!

The color we selected is Benjamin Moore HC-105 Rockport Gray and the trim, as with the rest of the house is Advanced White.

I think its interesting how this gray changes tone throughout the day. Sometimes it feels moody and deep, and othertimes its light and airy.

It's one of our favorite grays, by far.

While Ebodio was busy painting, I started researching a couple important pieces for this space. My biggest challenge is making the Annex have beds that aren't permanent, but are also comfortable.

The obvious choice was air mattresses, but personally, I dislike them. I find them uncomfortable and not realistic in the long run for our Airbnb guests.

Plus, I wanted to find a fun way of incorporating the camp theme.

My first thought was authentic, 1940s military cots, which I spent several evenings scouring the internet for. Ultimately, I ruled these out because I thought guests might perceive their rugged appearance, as dirty.

Then, I found beauties like these. But after a lot of comparison, I realized they are super narrow, not very sturdy and expensive!

Vintage Military Style Cot - Camping Cot - Urban Industrial Decor. $17.99, via Etsy.:

Finally, I decided on these Teton Deluxe Universal folding camp cots. They are considered deluxe because they are rated for 300+ lbs and they are 85 inches long, so an adult could easily sleep here.

I was sad I couldn't incorporate a vintage or prettier option, but once I start adding bedding, the cot itself is mostly covered, so the compromise makes sense.

Then, I found these 3 inch, Simmons memory foam mattresses that fit these cots perfectly. Both the cots and the mattresses come with storage bags too, so when the space is being used for spacial events, I'll be able to stow them.

What do you think so far!? Be sure to share your feedback below!

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