LIFE AT CONTENT: Summer Solstice 2017

The other night, a friend casually mentioned that summer was already half way over. What!? How dare you speak so cruelly in our home...

We couldn't disagree more! With Memorial Day marking the tourist kick off, June 21 is the official seasonal start of summer with the Solstice.

I thought the Solstice would be the perfect time to look back on the last month and a half of warmer weather here at Content. Because, let's be honest, this house was made for summer time!

Memorial Day

We kicked Memorial Day off renting the entire house to a group of awesome, Airbnb guests! The weather was iffy here at the Jersey Shore, but based on the wonderful review and feedback we received, we can tell they made the most of their visit.

While the house was occupied, we made our way to John's parent's beach house in Connecticut for some R&R and long overdue family time.


During our time away from Content., John and I made two resolutions. We decided to make the most of our new, more flexible schedule and to enjoy the beach any chance we could.

When John was teaching, our vacation schedule was restricted to summer and holidays. As every teacher-family knows, this is expensive.

We've decided to travel A LOT this fall, and will be squirreling away every penny to make it happen. So far, we have the OBX, Folly Beach, Canada, and hopefully a Central American beach vacation on the calendar soon.

And, we're making good on our promise to hit the beach more often. We don't have too many lazy, beach weekends these days, but we're getting better at packing a couple of beers and heading down for sunset every chance we get.

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Content's renovations are also on summer break - power tools are in quiet mode. We're so thrilled to have guests booking rooms and enjoying the house, but no one wants to hear a sander at 9am.

It's honestly a dream come true for me! And even though it was a huge undertaking, getting this house even remotely ready for guests, we're so proud!

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Without having to stress about renovations at Content., John and I has been focusing more time on our outside renovation and woodworking customers.

We had a great time renovating a friend's bathroom with new tile flooring, a shiplap ceiling, new ceiling and base board trim, and a custom vanity. I'm just realizing, I never went back to get a finish image after the painters were through.....

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And in a big push, before his 15th Annual "Man-Trip", John worked overtime to install:

  • wood shelves and countertops
  • custom entertainment unit
  • a live-edge garden planter 
  • a custom bathroom vanity

For us, the summer is just kicking off. Everyday we are so privileged to enjoy a luxury or gift thanks to Content. Most recently, John has been harvesting mulberries. 

I can't say I was a fan at first. "You mean those purple berries that stick to your shoes and stain the carpet?"

But, John was on a mission to sway my perception. After mulberry pancakes and cocktails, I was sold!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer (so far)! There's still so much to do and so much to enjoy. Make the most of it!