ROUND UP: Budget Friendly Mosaic Tile Under $10/sq.ft.

Kicking off a busy Monday in the tile section of your favorite home improvement store!

With three bathroom renovations done, here at Content, and one more nearing completion, we’ve spent our fare share of time sourcing tile.

In 2014, when we renovated the master bathroom, I was set on finding matte grey penny tile to cover the shower floor. All of our decisions were/still are budget driven, and I could not (for the life of me) find a grey penny tile within our budget.

Fast forward to 2019, as John was casually passing through the tile section of Home Depot and snapped this pic and texted me: “Not only does HD have grey penny as a stock item, but light and dark grey penny.” He knew how hard we’d searched, and now here it was, for all the weekend warriors to purchase.

What can I say? I was ahead of my time…

That got me thinking about just how many amazing “in-stock” mosaic tiles are now available through the big home improvement stores. Hexagon, star, penny, trapezoid. You name it, there’s a Budget Friendly Mosaic Tiles Under $10/sq.ft. just for you!

Budget Friendly Tile Under $10 Per Square Foot.jpg