Old Is the New Black.

What once was old, will eventually be new again. At least, that's what they say... I mean, right now take a look at the mid-century modern furniture trend. I happen to love this trend with its simplicity, clean lines and organic forms but let's flash back to the actual mid century which I can relate to in the form of Nickatnite reruns.

I cannot say as a child I would have watched my favorite episodes of Bewitched and though, "Now there is some amazing interior design I can see my future husband and I living with." At 10 years old, I was certainly more impressed with Samantha's nose twitching/spell inducing powers, not her living room credenza. But now, looking at some set photos from Bewitched, I'm seriously jealous of Samantha and Darrin Steven's fictitious home décor.

And don't even get me started on the mid-cen-mod wet dream that is Mad Men. That's a can of worms for another post.

The point is, John + I are big proponents of reuse and recycling, as you know. This goes for bottles and cans, as well as with furniture. With over 3,000 (glorious) square feet of living space, we have our work cut out for us furnishing Content.

What we do not have is the luxury of cracking open the newest West Elm catalog and racking up more credit card debt.

What we do have though are reoccurring trends, time and inspiration! I've hit garage sales, Craigslist and flea markets pretty hard over the years, and have worked to maintain a decorating budget, only purchasing well cared for, statement pieces. "Decorating budget, what's that?" I'm not sure, but John seems to think safe electrical is more of a priority than a new Turkish rug. Humph...

If you're like me, and your spouse tells you to stop buying furniture, show them this post. Maybe they will look at all these wonderful second hand pieces, I've found, with a renewed sense of wonder and will accompany you, at 7am on a Saturday, to some random house in Brick to score a beautiful bedroom set.
Craigslist: Retro kitchen chairs (set of 4) $25

Craigslist: Porcelain top table with side extensions $40

Craigslist: Dresser $100

Craigslist: Zinc top table $10

Craigslist: Blue tufted chair $15