EVENT DESIGN: "Old Man and the Sea"


Today, I’m sharing the makings of this backyard, “Old Man and the Sea” inspired 40th birthday party! This party was inspired by my client’s love of deep sea fishing and came to life with the energy of the sea, without being overtly nautical.


We worked with an amazing, gourmet seafood truck, Nettuno. They welcomed guests with shrimp cocktail, tuna skewers and fresh crudite. Then, guests were invited to visit the beautifully restored 1955 Chevy step van for a lobster roll.


The color scheme for this event is bright shades of green, black, rich copper and natural wood; bringing a rustic yet tailored feel to this backyard setting.

The Guest of Honor was acknowledged with a custom, graphic logo by Lorraine Wile of Wile Events. We used this logo framed, on cocktail napkins and on printed vellum lantern inserts.


You can recreate this “Old Man and the Sea” inspired look using the following sources or by shopping our Amazon Influencer page:

Fire Pit, Faux Tropical Leaves, Paper “Bamboo” Drinking Straws, Large Metal Lantern, Small Metal Lantern, Palm Throw Pillows, 3 Gallon Drink Dispenser, Natural Wood Bar Stools, Linens: Copper, String Lights

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