DIY: Amber Plastic Bathroom Bottles

As Airbnb Hosts, we make an effort to provide our guests with lots of different amenities; like glassware, makeup removal clothes and amazing bedding which we shared in a recent post Airbnb Host Must Haves

But offering lots of anything, to every visitor, can turn into lots of time and money. Instead of letting amenities get too expensive, we elevate our common amenities in unique and unexpected ways.

That’s why we are sharing this DIY: Amber Plastic Bathroom Bottles tutorial. While still purchasing bulk shampoo, conditioner and body wash were able to give our bathrooms a boutique hotel experience, without sacrificing profit.


Step 1: Identity Your Product to Bottle Needs

Start by identifying what products you use in the your bathroom or shower. Here at Content, we provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash and liquid hand soap.

For the shower essentials, we opted for a medium sized, 16 oz bottle which allows for larger capacity and less refills between guests. For the hand soup, we used these daintier, 8 oz bottles with the intention to not encroach on vanity or sink space.

A note on the bottles: There are lots of amber bottles on the market, but we made a conscience decision to use plastic bottles for safety reasons. Putting glass in any shower seemed like a recipe for disaster, and these BPA-free alternatives are durable, easy to clean and look just as awesome!

Step 2: Print Your Labels

I have a love affair with my Brother P-Touch Label Maker and incorporate it into almost every home organization project! If you’re ready to up your DIY game, I highly recommend putting a P-Touch on your wish list. If you do not own one, these bottles actually come with white, adhesive labels that you can write on.

But, for our purposes, we wanted the bottles to look chic, so I looked for a printable, P-Touch label that was both cool but also subtle, and decided on a clear backing with gold lettering.

I recommend printing each category label at the same time (ie “shampoo” x2 or “hand soap” x3). Once you have the label maker set to the proper font and text size, it’s easy to make multiples!

Step 3: Place Your Labels

We decided to justify our labels to the bottom on each bottle, but spacing is really your preference.

Start by peeling the label backing off, and lightly place one end of the label onto the bottle. With your finger, apply pressure and smooth the remainder of the label onto the bottle and push out any air bubbles.


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