Jonas Recap: Our First Snowstorm at Content

Snow Storm Jonas which started on Friday, January 22, 2016 and extended through that weekend, was the first snow John + I have experienced while residing at Content. 

I think we went about preparing like most others; stocking up on hearty meals, snacks to enjoy during countless hours of movie watching, and a couple extra bottles of wine (just in case).

But, we also had some trepidation. The forecast was not only calling for a ton of snow and high winds, but with the full moon and high tides, flooding was expected. So, we also planned for loosing power.

Content is in a flood zone, with the Shrewsbury River directly across the street. During Super Storm Sandy, we did not own Content. In fact, the bank did and it was in foreclosure, so no one lived here.

But, based on residue in the remaining HVAC ducts, it is clear Content's basement had a tremendous amount of water in it due to Sandy.

That being said, we are fairly certain Content was in no shape to weather Sandy, considering when we acquired her, there was no operable sump pumps and the majority of the basement windows had been replaced with particle board. Also, during just a heavy rain in October 2014, the basement flooded badly.

Flashback to October 2014 when the sump pumps didn't work.

In an effort to safe proof Content, over the first year of home ownership, we have taken steps toward storm preparedness. Replacing all three basement sump pumps and the basement windows.

Further, during Phase 1 of Renovation, to the east side of Content, we chose to hang our new HVAC system from the basement ceiling, in an effort to keep it high and dry.

HVAC suspended from the basement ceiling.

And though all of these steps are preventative, loosing power negates any hope of keeping the basement water free in the event of flooding.

We have discussed a generator. It is in our long-term emergency plan, but simply not an expense we have been able to factor in yet. In my assessment, it is fairly common for local, coastal Monmouth County residents to have made this investment. 

During Jonas, we also identified that a new snow removal plan is necessary for future storms. John had very good intentions, handling the snow with his own brute force and a shovel.

But along with the flooding, we had to be mindful of not moving our truck too close to the road, which made it necessary to shovel a lot more of the driveway, post snowfall.

There was flooding on our street, but it did not effect the house and rather made for endless entertainment as very (stupid) individuals ignored there better judgement to power through. Several of which got stuck midway in the icy water and required tow truck rescue.

Atlantic Avenue LB

Needless to say, a snowblower has been added to the list of necessary investments.

One thing we had not taken into account was the tremendous amount of snow accumulation in the courtyard.  With 50 mph winds, the courtyard acted like a funnel, pulling all of the snow in and down, where it accumulated for two, straight days into an 7 foot drift. Though beautiful, and interesting, John and I were again left dumbfounded considering the removal options, which short of using a wheelbarrow to cart the snow out, left waiting out a thaw in close second.

All in all for us, Snow Storm Jonas was a learning experience. As we continue to experience Content, in all different seasons, we are understanding what we need to do and how we need to grow as homeowners. 
Huevos Rancheros! One, of a dozen, delicious meals we made while being snowed in!

Jonas was also a fun excuse to spend time with each other, in this crazy house we call home!

How did you prepare for Jonas? We're always looking to improve. Share your suggestions below!