Walk-In Closet (Phase 2)

Greetings from a very happy woman! Yes, that's right. I am overjoyed to share the half way progress of our walk-in closet. 

If you recall, restructuring the closet was part of our original bedroom remodel. The master bedroom was large and awkward, and the existing closet left a lot to be desired. It sat flush on the courtyard wall, and left zero options for bed placement.

Here's a step back, to my original Phase 1 post on the subject. With the addition of the half-wall, the walkin closet was born.

Now, mind you, that original post was from March, nearly 6-months ago. And in all honesty, its taken me that long to get our clothes organized well enough to take a photo.

Can you blame me? If I came to your house right now, unannounced, and asked to take a picture of your closet to share with the world, would you let me?

Original floorplan

The half wall if up, opposite side is the new closet.

Closet shelves in the making

So, here it is! Let me walk you through some of the specifics.

First, there is the built-in which John constructed as the closets anchor; consisting of ten sliding drawers and two huge open shelves. From the built-in, on the right, are two bars for shirts and pants made of iron pipe and plumbing flange. Perfectly displaying John's flannels and plaids as far as the eye can see... To the left, a higher hanging bar for dresses and coats, topped with a shelf.

The back of the unit is dedicated to shoes. Please let the record show, though I was the one driving a shoe shelf, John has made himself VERY comfortable here as well.

And see that small door on the left? That's the foldable, ironing board and iron storage. John designed a plug inside! Genius!

Honestly, this feature is so wonderful! All my life, the ironing board has been pulled out, stored and used in the kitchen. Having it so accessible will be a dream come true. (Side note, I love ironing!) But, as you can see, it currently just a wood slab. I need to get it batted and covered. Add that to the list, please.

Foldable ironing board &s show storage

So there you have it. Still to be completed is a vanity area for all my lady stuff. And there's a (nonworking) fireplace in the closet too. Currently the opening holds our laundry baskets, but I'm hoping to spruce up this setup as well with a mirror over the mantal. Not 100% done but we're getting there!