Master Bathroom: Phase 1

Phew! This weekend has been a frenzy of projects, visits from friends, and lots of wine! We've been so busy these last few weeks that this post is actually a backtrack to catch you up on our progress. Along with the kitchen and master bedroom, we have been focusing on the master bath.

Originally, the bathroom was laid out to include a vanity, toilet, small prefabricated stall shower, huge jacuzzi tube (the tub itself was previously removed likely when the house sat vacant) and exterior door which lead to the workshop. Knowing we would not add back a jacuzzi tube (I know... how will we get back in time?), this open room was screaming to be reconfigured.

Original master bathroom layout


Stall shower is out, demo started to access exterior door.
Removing jacuzzi tub frame
Every room in Content. has an exterior, courtyard door. These courtyard doors pose several challenges, like efficiency and privacy, but in the master bath the layout suffered most. These doors also taken up precious wall space that isn't otherwise occupied by a window. John and I quickly decided that this exterior door was unnecessary and would be eliminated. *Design note: John said I fought him on that decision, but I have selective memory and no such recollection.

Exterior coutyard door to be removed

Exterior door to left. Original and new vanity location.

 With the shower stall & exterior door slotted to go, it became much more obvious what an open space we had to work with, so we began brainstorming how to architecturally break up the room without loosing square footage. Similar to the master bedroom, we resolved to add a partition which would act as a privacy wall to the toilet, as well as allow John to show off his wood working skills on some built-in storage.

The partition wall will also feature a transom of sorts, utilizing reclaimed basement windows we found on the side of the road. We're not exactly sure how these will be incorporated yet, but I have no doubt John will make them look awesome!

Where the jacuzzi tub once lived, we decided to create a large, walk-in shower. *Design note: It's funny when we decide on the dimensions of something new in Content. It usually goes something like:

John: How big should x be?

Courtney: Umm, I don't know. How big is this? ("this" demonstrated with a scrap of wood, distance between two hands, or an arm span). In the case of our master bath, the width of the new shower is my wing span. :)

Incorporating the small, exterior windows on the east wall was also a goal in the shower design. Of the 50 original, double-pane, matching windows in Content., these two adorable windows are the black sheep. And I love them! Using one of the windows in the shower itself will add natural light and original detail back into our new configuration.

To ensure the window does not rot from the shower's moisture, John replaced the existing trim with PVC; typically an exterior siding product but perfect for this application. (Thanks PJ!)

My refinished claw foot will live under the two large windows (yah!), acting as a focal point. For inspections, we had to place the tube and decide on which fixture finish I wanted. I hastily chose rubbed bronze and moved on. I honestly have no idea if I'd pick that finish again, but sometimes you have to just make a decision and hope for the best.

John found this beautiful claw foot tub fixture which I'm debating but will probably end up installing.

Randolph Morris Faucet Set @ We will purchase rubbed bronze.

The new electrical lay out featuring recessed lights (thanks Dave!) were completed back in November, and we're slotted to have the original hardwood floors patched and refinished next week. We found a floor guy and this will be his trial run before we tackle the kitchen.

John will soon be sharing a post about his "masterpiece" addition to the new bath layout, but I won't give away too much other than to say, my husband is a wood working savant.

Lots more to come on the bathroom soon! We're on a roll!!!