My name is Courtney, my husband's name is John and this is our blog! I write about our successes and stumbles, as first-time home buyers, renovating a 1884, hacienda-style home which is rumored to have been:
  • picked up an moved from across the street where it was originally a boat house.
  • utilized as a private and multi-family residence.
  • the site of an illegal brothel.
  • enjoyed as a retreat property by Texas Siftings
  • involved in a municipal scandal.

Rumors aside, here are the cold, hard facts about the state in which we acquired Content. from foreclosure:

  • Content. had been abandoned for several years
  • the bank repossessed the property, cleaned out the "squatter" trash and listed it in "as is" condition
  • all the metal, including the copper water pipes had been stripped and stolen
  • there was no HVAC system
  • there were no appliances
  • there was a family of raccoons using the chimneys to come-and-go 

I started blogging about Content. the day we closed in October 2014. Originally, the blog was a way for John and I to remember our journey and chronicle the progress we were making in the restoration.

But then, lots of friends and family began to ask "what's your latest project at the house" and "what's up next" so we began sharing the blog for everyone to follow along.

Want to know what we're up to these days? Check out our full website to learn all about our business endeavors and services offered through Content + Company.